News With Ed -- May 23, 2016

Obama hypes TPP in Vietnam, lifts embargo on lethal weapons trade
The US has decided to "completely lift" its embargo on a trade in lethal arms with the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam, President Tran Dai Quang has said. While visiting the country, US President Barack Obama said that he’s still “confident” the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal will earn the support of Congress, even though the ratification of the controversial deal stalled in the US. Critics accuse Obama of arms peddling for a trade deal. For more on this, Director of Global Trade Watch Lori Wallach joins ‘News With Ed.’

Freddie Gray didn’t break his own spine – Jesse Jackson on Officer Nero verdict
A judge delivered a not guilty verdict in the trial of a Baltimore, Maryland police officer for crimes related to the death of black arrestee Freddie Gray last year. Gray’s death triggered demonstrations and riots in the majority-black city, but only a handful of small demonstrations occurred following the verdict. RT America’s Manuel Rapalo has the latest from Baltimore. Then, ‘News With Ed’ is joined by civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson.