News With Ed -- May 19, 2016

Verizon Strike: Workers stage protest outside the White House 
Striking Verizon workers took the streets of Washington, DC, eventually taking their strike right to the White House Lawn. Meanwhile, after a month-long strike involving nearly 40,000 employees protesting outsourcing, President Obama’s labor secretary has finally gotten involved in the contract negotiations between the Communications Workers of America, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and the CEO of Verizon. RT America’s Manila Chan has the story. 

Clinton must win back progressives, who are abandoning her in droves 
Hillary Clinton gave an unusually direct interview on her campaign for the Democratic nomination and upcoming battle against GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump. While Clinton said that she will be the Democratic Party’s nominee and not Bernie Sanders, she also expects Sanders’ help in the general election. For more on this, ‘America’s Lawyer’ and host of Ring of Fire Radio, Mike Papantonio, joins ‘News With Ed.’