News With Ed -- May 11, 2016

Clinton facing a 2-front war against Sanders and Trump
The mainstream media has taken the bait laid out by the Hillary Clinton campaign that suggests competition presented by Bernie Sanders is dangerous given the rise of Donald Trump. Sanders was pressed on the issue on MSNBC and quickly fired back, adding that he has “had to take on the entire Democratic establishment.” For more on this and possible bias against Bernie Sanders, The Hill columnist Brent Budowsky and Communications Director of the Conservative Union Ian Walters join ‘News with Ed’.

Postal service ‘doing well,’ loss of $2 billion a congressional ‘hoax’ – Union boss
The US Postal Service has been hamstrung by Congress and the agency is not getting a single dime of taxpayer money despite losing $2 billion last year. But it’s not all bad news: The agency’s revenue went up five percent last quarter. Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union joins ‘News With Ed’. Dimondstein calls the situation a ‘hoax’ by Congress.