News With Ed -- April 06, 2016

No ink or airtime for Sanders despite record-breaking campaign – media consultant
Bernie Sanders supporters claim the mainstream media, and CNN in particular, has either covered their candidate unfairly or not at all. This is despite the fact that Sanders has drawn larger crowds than GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, and has broken fundraising records. Media consultant Holland Cooke joins ‘News With Ed’ to discuss, saying that Trump and Hillary Clinton are ‘New York stars’ while the ‘hub of the media world’ is there.

Federal minimum wage for tipped workers only $2.13
California Governor Jerry Brown signed a $15 minimum wage into law as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did the same. But while California only has one flat minimum wage, New York and other states continue a two-tiered system for tipped workers. RT America’s Manila Chan breaks down where states stand on the issue and the history of the movement against the practice of tipping, originally rooted in slavery.