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2 Feb, 2022 01:47

Violent incidents: sign of rage in America?

Former Colorado state senator Ted Harvey joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss the latest developments in Ukraine, where numerous voices including that of Ukrainian President Zelensky is urging restraint on the part of the US who has continued its fearmongering over the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Then conservative commentator Steve Gruber join a discussion of Canada's controversial "Truckers for Freedom" movement, the stirrings of a US version of the same, and whether the medium of talk radio resists the top-down narratives that flourish on cable news. They also discuss the potential leverage held by truckers and other tradespeople over the elites of the US.

George Gascon, the controversial district attorney for Los Angeles County, has invited a barrage of criticism for perceived softness in the prosecution and sentencing of a sexual predator who did not identify as trans during the time of the assault committed at age 17. Now 26, she will serve a two year sentence in a youth treatment center nd will not be burdened by compulsory registration as a sex offender upon release. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports.

Prosecutors have opted to drop all criminal probes against disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who lost his position, esteem and political career when the toxic and predatory harassment he visited upon women in his workplace finally caught up with him. He remains the subject of supreme execration and GOP epicaricacy, but will not have to face criminal charges. Lionel of Lionel Media weighs in. He points out that the real scandal blemishing Cuomo's legacy are the thousands of nursing home deaths that his office may have misrepresented in order to make his COVID-19 response seem more effective than it actually was. Plus, RT America's John Huddy shows us two viral videos that illustraste the historic levels of stress afflicting Americans.