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News. Views. Hughes. - October 15, 2019 (17:00 ET)

North Korea has denounced Washington’s “hostile policies” and says there’s no point in further talks with the US. Former US Rep. Allen West (R-Florida) joins RT America’s News.Views.Hughes to share his insights. He argues that a "strong security alliance" is needed in the Pacific, comparable to NATO, with which Washington can "isolate" North Korea, China and potentially others.

Democratic strategist and attorney Jan Ronis and Ted Harvey of the Committee to Defend the President join News.Views.Hughes to discuss ABC’s airing of footage from a gun demonstration in Kentucky in a report on violence in Syria. They also talk about Hunter Biden's confession to "poor judgement" in his serving on the board of a Ukrainian gas company and debate the merits of the Trump presidency.

Dozens have been injured in protests near the international airport in Barcelona, Spain. Meanwhile, indigenous and student activists in Ecuador have called off future demonstrations after the government yielded to their demands. Elsewhere, Haiti is enduring its fifth week of protests. RT America’s Rachel Blevins reports. Then RT America’s Michele Greenstein reports from Hong Kong on the latest in its ongoing violent protests. Chief Executive Carrie Lam called universal suffrage “infeasible” for Hong Kong but has vowed to address housing costs and inequality.