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8 Jan, 2019 23:11

News. Views. Hughes - January 08, 2019 (17:00 ET)

‘Wall should be a start, not an end’ – Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tennessee)

Newly sworn in US congressman Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tennessee) joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss the “antics” of partisan gridlock and ineffective government on Capitol Hill, including the ongoing government shutdown. He says Democrats “appease their ultraliberal left-wing base” to maintain power and would be unrecognizable to Democrats of a few generations ago. He also weighs in on the broader issue of illegal immigration “undercutting American wages and the American worker,” saying that the US needs to “de-magnetize our country” and “make an example” of those who employ undocumented immigrants.   

Will Dems ever give Trump his Wall?

Political strategist Chris Neiweem and radio host and attorney Robert Patillo join News.Views.Hughes to debate the character of the ongoing partial government shutdown, how it might be resolved, and the urgency of finding a resolution; they also argue the wisdom of building a wall and whether Congress and the President will ever be able to reach a compromise to end the shutdown.

Take personal responsibility for parks to remain open – Scottie Nell Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes explains how the government shutdown’s effect on trash-removal and restroom maintenance in parks has put a strain on those park staff not furloughed to keep them open for visitors. With no end to the shutdown in sight, the furloughing of staff presents a challenge to visitors to take personal responsibility when they visit.