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News. Views. Hughes - December 04, 2018 (17:00 ET)

Peace talks seek end to Yemen War

Peace talks between opposing sides in the war in Yemen are set to meet in Stockholm, Sweden to negotiate an end to the conflict. Saudi Arabia will not participate directly, which may result in greater difficulty maintaining peace. RT America’s Dan Cohen reports.

Saudi Arabia: ‘Critical ally’ at any cost?

CIA Director Gina Haspel briefed a small group of legislators on the murder of Saudi-born journalist Jamal Khashoggi. US senators are convinced that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman orchestrated Khashoggi’s killing but President Trump continues to insist that there’s no proof of such a connection. Denunciations of MBS and the US-Saudi relationship have grown in tandem with clamor to withdraw US support for Saudi’s war on Yemen. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca reports. Then international advisor and energy consultant Healy E. Baumgardner joins to weigh in.

Fixing the holes in Trump’s government

Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo of the Hispanic Leadership Council and Mitch Ceasar, former chairman of Florida’s Democratic Party, join News.Views.Hughes to discuss the glut of vacancies in the Trump administration. Is Trump too busy clashing with media to focus on filling these vacancies? Or are qualified candidates afraid of being targeted for personal destruction by Democrats and the “Resistance” to Trump’s government?