News. Views. Hughes -November 06, 2018 (17:00 ET)

Russiagate fear-mongers ‘have nothing to say’ – Max Blumenthal

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Investigation has dogged Trump’s presidency from its inception. But one study of political ads in mid-October found that 0.1 percent of congressional campaign ads mention Russia or “Russiagate” and that there are zero mentions in Senate campaign ads. Why the sudden silence? Author and journalist Max Blumenthal joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss establishment media’s sudden silence on Russia.  

‘It is up to you to stay engaged’

RT America’s Scottie Nell Hughes describes how the intersection of technology, media and Trump work to keep Americans viscerally and emotionally engaged in politics and the great issues of our time. She encourages voters to retain that engagement after they’ve left the voting booth.