World to be ‘dominated’ by China-US connection

­China's rampant economic growth and political influence continues raising numerous questions about the outcomes of this growth. China expert and author John Naisbitt told RT that the world is soon to be dominated by US-China relations.

RT: Many people think with its economic and military growth, China is poised to become a center of the new multi-polar world.

John Naisbitt: It is not a multipolar world. We have heard a lot of talk about multi-polar world, but last century it was the Soviet Union and the US, and this century it is the US and China. That world is going to be dominated by bipolar connection of China and the US.

RT: Regardless of all the growth, China is facing major problems such as gender inequality, income inequality, corruption…even environmental issues. Could that undermine the growth?

JN: These are the problems of China. China says that their biggest problem is income inequality between urban and rural. And to answer your question – no. Because it is so openly talked about and we monitor the newspapers in all the provinces and the two biggest issues in the editorials and news pages are corruption and environment and dealing with both of those. These issues are not hidden they are the most talked about issues in China. And the leadership that brought China that far can continue to deal with those problems and do a little better job as it goes along.

RT: You have touched upon the ideology and the fact that China and the fact that China has no ideology, but how good is it to be a country without an ideology when you are striving to be a super power to send a message about only economic prosperity without any other ideology?

JN: There is some concern around that, but China did not have an ideology before communism, really. They venerate Confucius, but that’s not even a religion, it is kind of a code of living. The United States for example does not have an ideology. There is an American dream and so on, but people have all kinds of ideologies, all kinds of religious faiths. The only thing that holds everyone together is the idea that there is freedom in the United States, you can make out of yourself what you can and so on. And a little of that is involved now in China too.

RT: What do you think China’s strategy is in relation to Russia?

JN:  Russia is the biggest producer of oil in the world; China is the biggest consumer of energy in the world. That dictates the strategy.

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