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FULL SHOW: Facebook keeps Trump ban — you’re next?

A so-called Facebook court, a group of self-appointed oversight board members comprised of lawyers, journalists, law professors and former elected officials, decided to uphold the suspension of former US President Donald Trump on Wednesday, prompting Trump to lash out in a written statement and going on to lambast the tech giants and in his words “Radical left Lunatics." Pulitzer-winning author, journalist and host of "On Contact" Chris Hedges shares his perspective.

There are new reports that a Swiss billionaire quietly donated almost a quarter billion dollars to groups aligned with the Democratic Party and its leaders, raising questions about the influence of so-called dark money in US politics. So who is this billionaire? And how is he aligned with the Democrats? RT America’s John Huddy brings us the story. Then former UK MP George Galloway, award-winning writer and Professor D Watkins and NY Times best-selling author Ed Martin join a panel to discuss.