Towards a new Cold War?

Kosovo is said to declare its independence soon. This may set a dangerous precedent and prove to be a tragic moment. The world already had one last century.

Russian members of the British Alumni Club signed a petition to the Russian president saying the closure of the British Council offices damages the country’s image.  Authorities say the organization has never been registered properly. Defining its legal status gives a hint about who is right in the dispute…

"The New Cold War: How the Kremlin Menaces both Russia and the West" by Edward Lucas has come out in London. In Context talked to the author to find out who is winning the war.

The Americans continue to vote through primaries for who they want to see as a new president of the U.S. John McCain, Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama are the leaders so far. But will the personality matter when it comes to the U.S.-Russian relations?