#ICYMI: Is Elon Musk Tony Stark, or just stark raving? Humanity’s future may depend on it (VIDEO)

Elon Musk’s latest method of spooking shareholders was to legally smoke marijuana while recording a podcast in California. What didn’t make the headlines however was some of his predictions for the future that should spook us all.

For a lot of people, Musk is a hard man to warm to because there’s a lot about him which seems, shall we say, other worldly. However, when a man who has successfully managed to land a spaceship in the middle of the sea warns that Artificial Intelligence may soon regard humans as troublesome monkeys, and robots will be able to move faster than the human eye, it may be worth ignoring his smoking habits to pay attention.

So ICYMI asks, can Elon save us and is he even one of us?

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