No to 'UK Gitmo' & Britain's slave trade (E49)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the SNP's plans to leave an independent Scotland free from private security companies. GEO group, which runs part of Guantanamo, has a number of contracts with the UK government, including running a detention center in Scotland infamous for locking up minors. '12 Years A Slave' may have won Best Picture at the BAFTAs but what of Britain's own modern-day slavery? It turns out the number of reported cases of slavery has risen by nearly 50 percent in the last three years. Despite the government's best efforts to stem the increase, the problem isn't getting any better. Meet Michael Gove's new employee - the £105,000-a-year education advisor's CV could stand a bit more scrutiny. Plus, it's no longer just governments: companies like Google and Snapchat are joining the Spy Game. And, not practicing what you preach - a Labour shadow minister walks past a picket line - rushing to deliver a lecture on Marxism!

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