BHS pension pilfering, Save the Children in Kabul and Yemen (E373)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on BHS, Yemen and Kabul. As the unacceptable face of capitalism gets roasted over pension pilfering, was Britain's Minister for Pensions Baroness Altmann, who resigned in the past few days, "silenced"? We talk to Save the Children in Kabul about another record for civilian casualties, 15 years since Britain sent its troops in.

The following is attributable to an FCO spokeswoman:

“The UK is committed to finding a peaceful solution to the conflict in Yemen, and hosted talks last week with international partners to drive progress. We support the UN-led negotiations in Kuwait, and urge all parties to abide by the current Cessation of Hostilities.

“The clarifications ensure consistency with numerous other Parliamentary responses, and in no way represent a change in policy. The UK continues to monitor the conflict in Yemen closely, and relevant information gathered from that monitoring is taken into account as part of the careful risk assessment for the licensing of exports to Saudi Arabia.”


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