Lib Dem Defectors, cashing in on water & slaughter in Yemen (E256)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the Liberal Democrat’s lost members, selling our water and whether we really need a nuclear defense programme. We speak to the Lib Dem’s latest defector to Corbyn's camp, Labour councilor for Teddington, Jennifer Churchill about why she doesn't trust party leader Tim Farron and his plans for the economy. While the UN General Assembly convenes in New York, the UK-backed Saudi slaughter in Yemen continues. We speak via Skype to Save The Children in the Yemeni Capital of Sanaa. We look at how the world's water supply is bottled up, and turned into cash with historian and author of The Last Drop, Mike Gonzalez. Plus will Corbyn succeed in making Britain abide by its Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Commitments?


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