Refugees in Serbia, Cuts to Cancer Drugs & Corbyn not Singing (E253)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the refugee crisis in Serbia, cuts to cancer medicine, Jeremy Corbyn refusing to sing and the true cost of Fashion Week. Dr Ognjen Pribićević, Serbia’s ambassador to the United Kingdom talks about the need for an EU solution to the refugee crisis. He is questioned on the real reason thousands of refugees are traveling through Serbia in search of a new home. What does World War Two veteran and author, Harry Leslie Smith think about Corbyn not singing God Save the Queen? Filmmaker Andrew Morgan talks about the sweatshop labour behind the glitz and the glamour of Fashion Week. We look at the Freedom of Information Request that revealed how many requests TFL receive for Londoner’s travel information. Plus Stuart Barber from UK Charity, Beating Bowel Cancer talks about the cuts to cancer drugs that are killing patients.


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