From 9/11 to the refugee crisis, Cameron calling out Assad and decriminalising dope (E249)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the real reason for the refugee crisis, Assad assaulting his own people and legalising cannabis. Sami Ramadani, Middle East expert and senior lecturer in Sociology at London's Metropolitan Universitydiscusses the ongoing post 9-11 wars of the West which have led to the worst refugee crisis since World War 2. Why in Prime Ministers Questions, does Cameron lay the blame for the refugee crisis at Assad? Going Underground’s Sebastian Pacher, looks at what the highs and lows of legalising cannabis could be when the Government debate it for the first time in Parliament. Plus Afshin is joined for Breaking Views by former News Editor of News of the World to discuss his old boss Rebekah Brook’s new position at News UK, drone strikes in Syria, spies in Cambridge and is the UK doing enough to help the refugees crisis.   


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