The Palestinian Ambassador to the UK, Wikileaking again and Breaking Views (E224)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on Israeli war crimes, Saudi secret documents and strange bedfellows in the weeks news. We speak exclusively to the Palestinian Ambassador to the UK, Manuel Hassassian, about the UN report into the 2014 Gaza conflict and Palestine filing war crimes complaints against Israel at the International Criminal Court.We talk to Wikileaks Spokesperson, Kristinn Hrafnsson, about the Wikileaks SONY hack which reveals Spiderman has to be white and more seriously, half a million secret documents from Saudi Arabia. Plus we are joined once again by broadcaster and former MP Lembit Opik, to discuss stories in the weeks news from GCHQ trolling to Cameron shutting down the BBC.


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Statement from Monusco

Like many other peacekeeping missions, Monusco is abiding to the UN Human Rights Due Diligence Policy that requires all UN entities/components to ensure support to non-UN security forces is not provided to those involved in Human rights violations.

Therefore our actions are consistent with the UN's purposes and principles as set out in the UN Charter and MONUSCO adhere to all obligations under international humanitarian laws and international refugee law.

This is why there is this breakdown in our relations currently with DRC government after the suspension of our military cooperation with the FARDC following our remarks on two generals allegedly involved in human rights violations.

MONUSCO also put an emphasis on the identification and implementation of mitigating and corrective measures in order to prevent future violations and to provide solutions for past violations.

Under the coordination of the HRDDP Secretariat, a risk assessment is conducted in order to determine whether there is a real risk that the receiving entity may have committed grave human rights violations. Based on the recommendations provided, the DSRSG Ops East/RoL ( Deputy Special Representative of Secretary General Operations East/Rule of Law ) decides whether to grant clearance for the support; request additional information or grant clearance under condition of implementation of additional mitigating, corrective or monitoring measures. The outcome of the decision is communicated to the relevant GoDRC (Government of DRC) Minister and the Head of the DRC recipient entity.

1. If reliable information indicates that a member of a DRC entity receiving UN support is committing grave violations, the relevant DRC authorities are informed in order to bring the violations to an end. The SRSG may decide to suspend the support in case of inaction.

2. The JHRO Director serves as the HRDDP focal point within the MONUSCO and for the UNCT, ensuring a continuous dialogue with the DRC authorities.

Monusco has a zero tolerance policy for all its civilian and uniformed personnel.

There is no direct link between mining for coltan and widespread sexual violence. The Sexual violence challenge is linked more to the global insecurity in Eastern DRC, even in areas where we do not have Coltan or mining activities. There are more than 40 armed groups in eastern DRC and sexual violence is considered as a war arm or tool to intimidate, humiliate local populations. The criminals that loot, rape, burn down villages, and create desolation are being fight by MONUSCO who has a mandate to neutralise all armed groups together with FARDC. This difficult challenge, can be won if there are genuine military operations coordination between MONUSCO Forces and FARDC.

Spokesperson, MONUSCO