Bombing Yemen, protecting whistleblowers & banning buskers (E195)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on Saudi Arabia's bombing campaign in Yemen. Sir William Patey, former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, says they 'long had an eye on... instability in Yemen,' and that to say they were leading the struggle against the Islamic State is 'rewriting history.' Whistleblower Eileen Chubb warns that current laws are not protecting whistleblowers, meaning they are 'frightened to speak out,' and that wrongdoing is not addressed, and the most vulnerable people will continue to suffer abuse. Veteran musician Wayne Myers reveals why new guidelines are actually an 'attack' on busking, leaving the police as judges of what good quality music is. And could TTIP force the EU to allow chlorine-rinsed chicken and beef from cows raised on growth hormones into the UK food chain?


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