​Pesticide pollution, a bigger problem than ISIS, & unpredictable Oscars (E177)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on dangerous pesticides. Nick Mole, policy officer for Pesticides Action UK, reveals the extent to which pesticides are damaging health and the environment and warns that TTIP ‘could open us up to all these thing the EU has rightly banned on human health or environmental grounds.’ Sabri Malek, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Libya, says ISIS isn't the problem there – suppression of the Arab Spring revolutions is the cause of problems in the nation. Wash Westmoreland, co-director of Still Alice, looks at the Oscars and whether they really reflect the rest of society. Peter Oborne looks into the HSBC affair, and revelations the beleaguered bank has met with George Osborne more than any other chancellor – we ask how much influence the bank really wields.