Contractors 'raping' government for profit, & do sanctions on Russia work? (E162)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the power of sanctions. Harry Gibson, author of a recent report on the effectiveness of sanctions, believes that they have been 'incredibly effective' against Russia – although he admits the collapse in oil price has had a far bigger effect on the economy and currency. Kirk Wiebe, an NSA veteran and whistleblower, warns that private contractors are destroying intelligence agencies and 'raping' governmental institutions for profit. We take a look at an airstrike on Al-Bab in Syria which according to a Syrian human rights group killed over 50 civilians. We take a look at PMQs with Cameron struggling with questions over Saudi Arabia's decision to lash a blogger, saying 'no harm' came to 57 people who reportedly died in East Anglia because ambulances did not arrive, and a report suggests UK tax may have been funding extremist groups. And we also look at Britain's response to a regime that allegedly murdered 1,400 political opponents, and has another 500 waiting to find out if they will be hung – sending the largest trade delegation for a decade.

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