Doing life for another’s crime & Foreign Office abandoning Brits in Syria? (E139)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the controversial law of joint enterprise. Solicitor and advocate Simon Natas warns this could see people convicted of murder without attacking anyone, or even intending harm, and risks innocent people being convicted of serious crimes. Fatima Khan, mother of London surgeon Dr. Abbas Khan who died in a Syrian jail last December, explains the shocking lack of help from the Foreign Office to help her campaign to get her son released. The Ministry of Defence’s maintenance division is set to be privatized – we look at the bidders who could soon own the company alleged to be transporting nuclear warheads across the UK. With drone use in Britain on the rise, we look at whether the government is more concerned with toy drone use here than armed drones reaping death and destruction abroad. And GCHQ finally admit that they can access NSA mass surveillance data – without a warrant.

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