Going Underground: UK defense disaster, Israel’s ‘suicide society’ & protest problems (E133)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on flaws in Britain’s defense strategy. Major-General (ret.) Jonathan Shaw, former director of the SAS, explains Whitehall is unable to act cohesively, and a lack of education and training means there are ‘National Security Council sessions to educate people about the difference between Shia and Sunni’. Author Shlomo Sand explains the ‘regime of apartheid’ that led him to stop being a Jew. Pollyanna Ruiz, lecturer at the University of Sussex, looks at the point of protests ‘fraught with danger’ and struggle to get traction with the mainstream media. Serena Shim, who was due to appear on this show, died in a car crash that has been labeled as ‘suspicious’ by her employers, on the Syria-Turkey border. We investigate if ITN are making propaganda programs for the Big 6 energy companies. And in what could be a landmark case, BP is sued over environmental damage caused by one of its oil pipelines.

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