Slippery slope of Assisted Dying, & Homeless ‘socially prepared to fail’ (E121)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the proposed Assisted Dying Bill. Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, one of the most successful British Paralympians, warns that it risks the most vulnerable in society being pressured into taking their own lives, and degrades their rights. John Bird, founder of the Big Issue, says that the focus on the problem of homelessness is in the wrong place, and we should look at the solutions rather than blaming for failures. We look at the law which could put economic growth before human rights, and we examine why the UN has launched an inquiry into “systematic and grave” violations of the rights of disabled people in Britain. And we ask why the star speaker at the Labour Party conference was a man known for defending the killing of thousands in Gaza, and appointing a police chief derided by some for introducing what they say is racial profiling by another name.

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