​‘Outlandish’ political response to ISIS, & Parliamentary ‘puppets’ (E116)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the political response to ISIS. Former solicitor-general Sir Edward Garnier QC urges against passing ‘unnecessary laws’ when there are already laws in place to deal with the situation, and believes politicians are being “outlandish” to gain attention. The 91-year-old survivor of the Great Depression and World War II veteran Harry Leslie Smith warns that the UK is heading towards another depression with austerity policies. He recounts his experiences during those dark times and says that parliament is now full of the “puppets” of industrialists. Tony Blair may have been awarded Philanthropist of the Year by GQ, but the Charity Commission want a chat about the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. We take a look at PMQs – with Scotland dominating the agenda, we examine some of the questions the mainstream may have missed. And we find out how big the bonuses were that Home Office staff got paid for their part in the passport backlog fiasco this summer.

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