Dodgy arms deals, pro-Israel bias & scrapping the tax system [E106]

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on Britain’s corrupt arms deals. Author Nick Gilby explains that bribery & corruption has permeated the UK’s biggest arms deals, and explains why Tony Blair asked investigators to stop their work when he was Prime Minister. Tahra Ahmed, spokesperson for the re-set, a group looking to make Britain fair, ethical and accountable, explains why scrapping the tax system could guarantee a living wage of £7,500 for every person in the country. Afshin also look into a £250 million arms deal with a man once banned from entering the UK. With war continuing to rage in the Middle East, the programme asks why the British press is defending Israel’s actions, while ignoring the bloodshed in Palestine. Plus, as a result of austerity, privatization and globalization, has the OECD predicted the end of capitalism?

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