British ‘brutality’ in Iraq, GCHQ justifies mass surveillance & are voters being duped by Recall Bill? [E94]

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on Nick Clegg’s proposed Recall Bill, endorsed by the Queen in her speech. But Zac Goldsmith, the author of the original draft, warns that the current version is a step backward. A lawyer for Iraqis allegedly tortured by British troops, Phil Shiner, says the government has gone after him in an attempt to deflect from the real issue – did the British Army commit war crimes in Iraq? In Breaking Views, host Afshin Rattansi takes a look at misleading headlines, from the rise of ISIS to Obama hinting at intervention. We take a look at the stunning overpayments cash borrowers are making on payday loans. And GCHQ finally tries to justify its mass surveillance programs – by saying conversations on Facebook are “not domestic”!

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