Thirteen Percent

Thirteen Percent

In the beginning, AIDS was seen as a mysterious disease that devoured young, otherwise healthy, white, gay Americans.

Thirty years later, the image of AIDS is no longer lesion-covered, gaunt faces, or IVs dripping into the narrow blue/green veins of the dying. Because of this new, healthier “look,” the general public now appears to believe the AIDS crisis is over or – at the very least – under control.

However, as a collective calm settled over the general population, a dark cloud descended upon the African-American community. As reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2004 and every year since, black Americans make up just 13% of the population, but now account for 50% of all new HIV/AIDS infections.

Thirteen Percent is an exploratory journey to discover how such disproportionate numbers have come to be.

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