The Chosen People: The Priest. The Face of Time.

The Chosen People: The Priest (01.30, 09.30, 17.30)
He’s from Russia but has been living in London for a long time. He devoted his life to his religion and its propagation in Great Britain. He is AN Orthodox Priest. His best creation is the church he has been building and hopes to finish soon. It’s the first, and the only one in London. Find out more about this man, his goal and its achievement – in the new installment of The Chosen People documentary series.
The Face of Time (05.30, 13.30, 21.30)
The need to explore the past and the way our distant ancestors looked has always been an outstanding human characteristic. There is a line of investigation in archaeology and biology that is called physical anthropology. It restores man's appearance based on a skull. Find out more about developing this branch of science in Russia in The Face of Time documentary.