Street racing Russian style. Meeting with nature: pigeons

Street racing Russian style (01.30, 09.30, 17.30)

For these people a car is more than just a means of transport. For them, being behind the wheel is a way of life. They spend huge sums fine-tuning and redesigning their motors. They rarely sleep at night. Because only at night are Moscow roads clear enough to accommodate their thrilling but dangerous hobby. Feel the speed and the adrenalin as Moscow street-racers wait to step on the gas, in Street-racing, Russian style.

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Meeting with nature: pigeons (05.30, 13.30, 21.30)

Pigeons have lived side by side with us for as long as anyone can tell. In China they symbolise longevity. In ancient Greece they were considered messengers of the Gods. In Moscow there are three million such messengers. And they all need a home and food. These winged city dwellers are the focus of the new installment of The Meeting with Nature series.

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