Shooting vs shooting

An Iraqi woman shouts "Don't shoot!" as US soldiers from Alpha Company, 1/38 Infantry Regiment detain her son and husband (L), who are suspected of targeting their Stryker convoy with an IED, 5 miles south of Baquba, 05 October 2007 (AFP Photo / Alexander Nemenov)

­The war in Iraq has been the bloodiest war in history for media professionals. From the beginning of the invasion in 2003 until March 2008, more than 270 deaths have been reported and many more men and women have suffered injuries. In comparison, during the 20-year war in Vietnam, 63 journalists were killed.

The documentary Shooting vs Shooting presents a group of astonishing stories from the war in Iraq; it follows a journalist’s journey in today’s Baghdad and narrates the story of a mother who seeks an answer to the question of why her son was killed when his only weapon was his camera. Shooting vs Shooting reveals unknown sides to the facts, the responsibilities of governments and
the atrocities committed by fanatic Islamic factions, while simultaneously displaying unique
examples of courage, altruism and humanity that stood out amidst the horrors of war.

Directed by Nikos Megrelis
Produced by Odean & Faliro House Productions, CL Productions, Film in Mind Production

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