Russian extreme - living on the edge: KHL attacks

Russian extreme - living on the edge

Hundreds of championships in extreme and exotic sports are held around the world each year. Thousands of people flock to the Australian port of Lincoln to watch world champion tuna-tossing, crowds of people in Britain turn out to watch sheep races in the town of Telford and in Russia, rope jumping and motoball are always popular. Find out more in our new XL Report.

KHL attacks
Decades ago the Soviet Union was the dominant force in ice hockey around the world. Small wonder that worldwide it was known as the Red Machine, but after the break-up of the Soviet Union it ground to a halt. Russia had not won a single major international tournament since 1993. The situation changed dramatically in the spring of 2008 when a continental hockey league, a real alternative to the National Hockey League, was set up in Russia. And the goal scored by Ilya Kovalchuk on May 18, 2008, brought Russia its first triumph in the world championships in fifteen years, symbolising the rebirth of the invincible Red Machine…