­“Eco-Warriors” is an in-depth look at the underground world of radical environmentalists who will go to any lengths, including violence, to advance their cause and to win their battle to protect Mother Earth. 

To the authorities eco- warriors are not simply idealists but terrorists, and many nations have taken increasingly repressive action over the past several years. The FBI ranks them as one of the greatest threats to national security in the United States after Al Qaeda.

Who are these people? How do they defend their actions? How did they cross the line from passive resistance and peaceful protest to violence?

“Eco Warriors” will take viewers behind the front lines. Our purpose is not to defend or excuse the actions taken by these modern-day Robin Hoods, but to understand their motivations and their logic, and to experience firsthand how they lead their lives on the margins of society.

Directed by Philippe Borel
Produced by Woods TV