Provoking theatre: Generation next. Behind closed doors: Arzamas-16

Provoking theatre: Generation next (Times: 01.30; 09:30; 17:30)

The author of several books and theatre critic, John Freedman, reveals the secrets of the Russian theatre. The modern Russian stage with its diverse style and direction, from the classics to the avant-garde and foreign students who will inherit traditions of Russian stage in their future performances are the main focus of the Provocative Theatre: Generation next documentary.
Behind closed doors: Arzamas-16 (Times: 05:30; 13:30; 21:30)

This town is on the border between the Nizhniy Novgorod region and the Republic of Mordovia. Railway tickets aren't on sale here and it's been excluded from the list of rail stations. In Russian early history, the town was known as Sarov, a holy place for the Orthodoxy with a monastery which bore one of Russia's greatest saints, St. Seraphim. It later became known as Arzamas-16, a secret, scientific centre where the first Russian nuclear bomb was developed. You'll find out the story of its creation and life today in Arzamas-16 in a documentary - Behind Closed Doors: Arzamas-16.