Provoking theatre: Anton Chekhov. Taste of Japan.

Provoking theater: Anton Chekhov (Times: 01.30; 09:30; 17:30)
He said: “There is nothing new in art except talent”. His writing career was very short but his impact on the world of literature and theater was enormous. His enigmatic plays are beloved. and constantly performed. His name was Anton Chekhov. John Freedman introduces his viewers to the wonderful world of Anton Chekhov and his life in the second part of Provocative Theatre documentary.
Taste of Japan (Times: 05:30; 13:30; 21:30)
If you’ve ever been to Moscow you’ve definitely noticed one thing. There is a vast number of Japanese restaurants here. In Moscow the number of restaurants offering Japanese cuisine is currently estimated at around 800, compared with 500 in New York, and around 300 in Paris. The real boom began 7 years ago and still this taste tsunami has been raging in the Russian capital. Russians are encountering new words from the exotic language, using chopsticks and enjoying green tea. Why are Russians so attached to Japanese food? You’ll figure it out in Taste of Japan documentary.