Murder, spies & voting lies

Murder, spies & voting lies

­After the 2008 election, Americans and the world must wonder, why did we endure eight long years of George Bush?As the curtain gets pulled back on W’s dark legacy, election fraud can be seen as the precursor to all the other Bush crimes. Hijacking votes and putting the wrong man in the white house may have been ignored by the media, but the blogosphere decried it and independent filmmakers created a veritable new genre to expose it.“Murder Spies & Voting Lies” documents the story of whistleblower Clint Curtis as he spills the beans to journalist/blogger Brad Friedman ( shot, in a style described as ‘sixty-minutes-noir’,Patty Sharaf’s acclaimed film has been called the Alfred Hitchcock of election fraud movies.

Official 2008 selection: Fort Lauderdale Int. Film Festival, Columbus Int. Film Festival, Wine Country Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival, Kansas Int. Film Festival, Hell’s Half Mile…… shown on LINKtv

Directed by Patty Sharaf

Produced by Patty Sharaf, John Sharaf and Maria Florio

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