Modern Russian interiors. Meeting with nature: Moscow Zoo

Modern Russian interiors. Meeting with nature: Moscow Zoo (Times: 01.30; 09:30; 17:30)
Interior designer is a relatively new profession in Russia. In Soviet dictionaries there was no such a word as "design”. But in the past 15 years, Russia has come a long way. A totally new breed of interior designers has emerged.
In the “Modern Russian Interiors” documentary you’ll meet the professionals who dared to challenge bad taste during the transitional period in Russia, and started from scratch in interior design.
Meeting with nature: Moscow Zoo (Times: 05:30; 13:30; 21:30)
It’s in the very centre of the big and crowded city but animals, birds, fish and insects survive here as well. In the Moscow zoo one can find animals from the desert or a shady plateau in the Andes, from the banks of the Amazon or the Bering sea. Nearly 2 million children and adults visit the Zoo each year. But there is another side which they don’t see. In the upcoming documentary you’ll see life behind the scenes at Moscow zoo and meet scientists, attendants and trainers who work hard so that visitors could enjoy their meeting with nature.