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Meeting with Nature: the Kandalaksha Reserve. The River Doctors

Meeting with Nature: the Kandalaksha Reserve (Times: 01.30; 09:30; 17:30)
In the Russian North, close to the White Sea, lies the Kandalaksha nature reserve area. Here nature still prevails over civilization and the laws of the land are more important than those of the people. The documentary is dedicated to people who work at Kandalaksha, preserving the natural resources of the region.
The River Doctors: (Times: 05:30; 13:30; 21:30)
For the villagers in northern Siberia who are far away from civilization, the river is the only link with the outside world. It brings ships with goods the locals need. It brings barges that depart with fish and berries - the main goods that the rural dwellers can cell. But the most eagerly awaited ship is the one which brings doctors. In the "River Doctors" documentary you’ll the meet people who work on this riverboat clinic and find out what makes the world go round for them.