Meeting with nature: Kenozerye. Kosovo: Conflict through the centuries

Meeting with nature: Kenozerye (01.30, 09.30, 17.30)

The virgin Russian land, Kenozerye National Park, carries its visitors back several centuries. A secluded corner of the ancient Russian North and all its traditions has been preserved deep in the forests of Arkhangelsk region – far from the destructive forces of wars, revolutions, cities and roads. Here, forested hills line the sinuous shore of the enormous Lake Kenozero, broken only by the occasional village. Wooden chapels with dome-shaped ceilings, having been restored to their original beauty, hide among the trees,. Today, all these treasures are a haven for nature lovers and history enthusiasts.

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Kosovo: Conflict through the centuries (05.30, 13.30, 21.30)

Kosovo has been controlled by many powers and has seen hundreds of bloody battles. For more than 700 years it’s been a place of ethnic and religious tension. An ongoing conflict, with victories and defeats on both sides, turned into bloodshed during the 1990s against a backdrop of religious differences. The war is over now but the ethnic divide in the region continues to bubble under the surface, and burnt out houses and barbed wire remain its symbols. The story of Kosovo, through the eyes of those who live there is the focus of RT’s XL Reports.

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