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Meeting with nature: Dauria. Fight for the Right

Meeting with nature: Dauria (01.30, 09.30, 17.30)

Dauria is a mountainous region to the east of Lake Baikal. Legend has it, centuries ago, the great Genghis Khan’s campaign started in the steppes of Dauria and people still talk to the spirits of the dead warriors of Genghis Khan’s army. But now the area is more a scientific research field because of various animal and birds species. Mysterious Dauria invites you to uncover its secrets in the new installment of the Meeting with Nature documentary series.

To watch this documentary please follow the link above.

Fight for the Right (05.30, 13.30, 21.30)

In 1941, they joined the Germans, who had invaded Ukraine. A year on, and they were fighting against both the Soviets and the Germans. In 1944, however, they changed their mind and supported the German troops again. And now, they march through the centre of Kiev. They have hundreds of members and sympathizers. Their portraits are on the schools’ walls. They are still at war. But who’s the enemy now? Ukrainian Insurgent Army is the focus of the Fight for the Right documentary.

To watch this documentary please follow the link above.