Israel vs Israel

Israeli children wave the Israeli flag as hundreds of people have set out on a march in show of support for Jewish settlements from the settlement of Itamar in the Israeli occupied Palestinian West Bank to the Palestinian city of Nablus. (TOPSHOTS/AFP Photo/Jack Guez)

To many of their fellow Israelis, they are traitors. They have been attacked, arrested and demonised. Yet Israelis like Yehuda Shaul, leader of ’Breaking the Silence’ and Jonathan Pollack from ’Anarchists Against the Wall’ continue to struggle for a more peaceful Middle East. They believe that they can save their state by putting an end to the military occupation of Palestinian territory. But the Israeli peace movement has lost momentum in recent years. There is widespread apathy in Israel about ending the occupation, especially after the withdrawal from Gaza. Israel vs Israel takes a fresh look at one of the dominant tensions in Israeli society.

Directed and produced byTerje Carlsson