Directed by: David Burton
Produced by J. Thomas Wenzel III
Co-Producer: Russell Hess
Written By: David Burton & J. Thomas Wenzel III

Do you know what partially hydrogenated oil is? What does zero grams
of trans fat per serving really mean? Do you know what is in the food
you eat on a daily basis?

Registered nurse and filmmaker, David Burton knows. What you think
you know about your diet and the food you eat is completely wrong…
DEAD wrong!

Ride along on this culinary roller coaster as David sets the table with a
cornucopia of leading researchers and the most respected scientists and
healthcare professionals in the world. What you will discover is an
alarming connection between what you put in your mouth and some of
the most disgusting, unpalatable and life-threatening ailments known

The three diseases most directly connected with the consumption of
hydrogenated oil are heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. These
afflictions are eventually deadly if one keeps consuming hydrogenated
oils, but with some simple changes in food choices from the powerful
information in this documentary and a little bit of exercise, they are
extremely preventable.

With cutting-edge animations rarely achieved in independent filmmaking,
inGREEDients will entertain, inspire, educate and at times frighten
audiences of all ages. If you could see one movie this year that could
save your life…this is that movie.

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