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Grey Whales: Hope on the Horizon. Under a Leaden Sky.

Grey Whales: Hope on the Horizon (Times: 01.30; 09:30; 17:30)
“Nadezhda”, which means “Hope” in Russian, is a training sailboat that belongs to the Far Eastern Maritime University. It sets off for a two month voyage from Vladivostok – Russia’s extreme southeastern point – to the shores of Sakhalin Island, in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. It has a scientific mission onboard. The scientists and ecologists’ goal is to preserve the population of Grey whales, which was thought to be totally exterminated. Now, when the whales re-appeared, the main hazards for them are the nearby oil-drilling platform.  Grey Whales: Hope on the Horizon documentary, is scheduled for the Global Day of Whales which is celebrated on February 19.
Under a Leaden Sky (Times: 05:30; 13:30; 21:30)
A big city gives you not only big chances but also creates big pressures, including physiological ones. Moscow is no exception. It provides more opportunities for a successful career than anywhere else in the country, and at the same time people here suffer from stress and depression. In the documentary Under a Leaden Sky you’ll meet people whose profession is to extend a helping hand to those who are really down. Rescue and helpline workers, psychologists, priests – sometimes they are the only ones who can save a person's life.