Dying in abundance

­A handful of multinational companies have managed to control the “heart” of the food we put on our table everyday: The very seed and therefore, global agricultural production. Brokers in the developed world gamble with food, raising and lowering prices, playing with the fundamental right of millions of people to food. 

Meanwhile, almost a billion people on this planet are undernourished and 25,000 die of hunger each day.
Can it be that the Earth can no longer feed its population? The evidence proves otherwise! The food crisis, as it will go down in history, is occurring at a time when the planet is producing more food than ever. 

 “Dying in abundance” unfolds the absurdity before our eyes, the interconnections of a system in which, while there is enough food, it is so expensive that the poor cannot afford it. 

Written  & Directed by Yorgos Avgeropoulos

Produced by Georgia Anagnou

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