European Extremists

Reuters / Ivan Chernichkin

­Across Europe, nationalist, populist and xenophobic movements are becoming significant political forces. Some are gaining enough support to win parliamentary seats. Defenders of cultural identity, anti-multiculturalists and Islamophobia – these groups have the same aims, but not the same methods.

In France, the Bloc Identitaire uses modern technology to spread a message of hate and fear. Across the channel, the English Defence League draws crowds of screaming, beer-guzzling and violence-prone supporters, all seemingly oblivious to the irony that they have become the type of fundamentalists they profess to hate. In Hungary, tattooed thugs patrol Roma districts and terrorize anyone who crosses their path. And finally, a village in Germany has been taken over by Neo-Nazis nostalgic for the Third Reich.

This investigation traverses Europe and looks at the heart of these organizations, interviewing their leaders and supporters for a frightening look at what can happen when fear, ignorance and racism intersect.

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