Pablo Escobar: the great hunt

­He was once the most-wanted man in the world, controlling 80 per cent of the global cocaine market and running one of the greatest crime empires in history. He had a personal fortune of $5 billion, a private zoo, his own army of soldiers and hardened criminals. For years he defied the US and Colombian governments, killing thousands of people, while at the same time generously donating to the poor. A legend in his own lifetime, he was transformed into an icon after his death. Even today, the fascination with Pablo Escobar continues.

In this gripping new film, we reveal the true story behind the hunt for Pablo Escobar. Featuring unseen private footage and interviews with his family, and with the police officers who tracked him down and killed him, this is the definitive story of the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar.

Produced by Toni Comiti

Directed by Manolo d’Arthuis and Renaud Fessaguet