Dniester: deep divide; After the war

Dniester: deep divide

Moldova is one of the 15 former Soviet republics which extended between the Carpathian Mountains and the Dniester river. The land of sun and vine it used to be called the “sunny republic”. Moldova is a country where holidays were celebrated widely and merrily but 15 years ago time of holidays was over. People of the both banks of the Dniester river were indrawn into the war. Now those who survived the war are trying to pick up the pieces and to find a reason why all that happened to them.

After the war

The war in Georgia now seems to have come to an end, but many questions remain. There is a point of view that, by bringing troops to South Ossetia, Mikhail Saakashvili intended to unite the Georgian nation. Did he manage to do it? And what did Georgia receive as a result of this “little triumphant war”? See our new XL Report on RT.