Diving in Russia. Russian cars: wheeling and dealing.

Diving in Russia (01.30, 09.30, 17.30)
Scuba diving became popular in Russia in the middle 1990s and is now experiencing a real boom. A large number of diving clubs, certified instructors and thousands of people wanting to learn how to dive – that's today's reality in Russia. And that’s surprising for a country where four months a year, nearly all areas of water are covered with ice. But this doesn't deter the thrill-seekers. Discover how Russian divers make their dreams come true in the Diving in Russia documentary.
Russian cars: wheeling and dealing (05.30, 13.30, 21.30)
Russia has one of the fastest-growing automobile markets in the world. In 2006 alone, Russians purchased more than 2 million foreign-made cars. Sales of imported cars dramatically exceeded those of domestically made vehicles and this has Russian manufacturers seriously worried. The history of Russian car production, the reasons for its decline, and the hopes to change the situation around, are the focus of the documentary - Russian Cars: wheeling and dealing.