Children of war; The Bolshoi Theatre’s reconstruction

Children of war

Fearing Georgian aggression, South Ossetian authorities organised early evacuation. Most of the children – over 5,000 - were taken outside the republic. But about 1,500 remained and had to go through the war. Psychologists say that it’ll take several years for the children to finally recover from the stress and catch up with their studies. Will these children finally be able to forget about the war?

The Bolshoi Theatre’s reconstruction

The Bolshoi Theatre is Russia’s main theatre. All the best voices have sung here and all the best ballerinas have danced here. Now it’s under reconstruction. All is dust, machinery and workmen. This overhaul has raised a storm of emotions. When will it be over and what will be the outcome? And how are the actors faring now that they have been left without a home?